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Cromnari species primer

Cromnari (singular cromnar) are small gregarious demons who are immensely physically strong and reproduce parthenogenetically. They have heavyset horns, small vestigial wings and long heavy tails. It’s considered by everyone else to be a good thing that they’re small in size, as they would probably be devastatingly powerful if they were the size of an average demon. They tend to rely much more on their physical strength than on magic attacks. When they do use magic, it’s to buff their physical prowess even harder.
Adult cromnari are 1.2 to 1.5m tall. They are habitually bipedal but can easily run on all fours, owing to their short legs and long powerful arms. They can run faster on all fours than on two legs, but will generally not do this outside an emergency because they consider it undignified.
Their wings are small and vestigial, and cannot be used for flight. They are capable of doing a chicken-flutter to sligh
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Rathameldhontel species primer
Rathameldhontel are reclusive, flightless swamp-dwelling demons who in the past traded in their wings for more powerful magic. Now they have only vestigial wings, if any, and many of them have tentacles sprouting from their backs.
These humanoid demons are around 2m tall. They are covered in iridescent/shiny scales and have hoofs that can splay to stop them sinking into the marsh in which they live. They have hair on their heads, and they usually have a hefty bony club on the end of the tail. They may have additional body hair on their ankles, elbows or forming a neck ruff. All adult rathameldhontel can grow facial hair, regardless of sex.
In the past, rathameldhontel had large, flight-capable wings. They were physically weak, both in magic and in body, and as a result found it difficult to compete with other demons and feared extinction. As a species, they collectively formed a pact with a bodiless entity who would bestow its power u
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Bob Todd
United Kingdom
I'm a monster artist and bird photographer.
I use the scraps folder!
Formerly BobTodd.

Stamp JP by ElectricBlue-Al
I hate the new status update notification. I come online to find dozens of them in my inbox with no way to turn them off except by unwatching people's journals and polls. 


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